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We offer Pest Control Maintenance in a variety of frequencies: One-time, monthly, Every Other Month, Quarterly, and Premium. All of these we consider traditional pests plans. The first step in each of these plans would include a through inspection of you home or facility to determine the best approach in achieving the desired results in riding your home or facillity of undesired pest. Following the inspection, we make make recommendations of things that you the customer can do to aide us in the elimination of your undesired pests problem. Things such as sanitation, mechanical changes to the structure, and your own personal habits can be things that need to be altered and improved before a desired result can occur. Finally once the inspection and recommendation process has been performed we move to what you are most likely looking for and that is the Treatment.

Glass Termite & Pest will primarily concentrate on the exterior of your structure, and treatment will provide a barrier type treatment zone. We pride our selves in providing and maintaining a continous treated area of about 10 feet around the perimeter of the entire structure. We do do this with a variety of chemical options including insectiside granules, as well as granular baits, and bait stations all of which are weather resistant and in some cases work better during wet seasons. We also will remove nesting insects such as spiders and wasps, and look for insects nesting in and around shrubs and shrubbery beds. We use liquids or"sparys" to concentrate on where pests can find easy entrance into the structure. These areas include around windows and doors, plumbing leading into the house, where the house meets the foundation, and the eaves and over hangs that lead to the attic area.

Glass Termite & Pest will next concentrate on the inside of your stucture, and inspection is more the key here than treatment in most cases. Chemicals will be limited to cracks and crevices where pest ten to hide and try to harbor once indoors. Thorough inspections under furniture, in closets and cabinets will be performed and ares that can will receive treatment or some type of monitoring for pest presence. Iside storage areas such as attics and basements are places that we will frequently inspect am monitor on a regular basis and during regular visits.